ANDREA & SERGIO – Heart Beating Hard | Official Music Video 2018 4k

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– Bulgaria: +359 88 860 0040 – Megi Traykova (
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Video director: Andrea
Music by : Alfred Sula
Lyrics by : Sergio & MUMA

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Snapchat: andrea_sahara


Come on boy and show me
How much you really want me
Bring the heat up in this cold place
Ain’t got time to waste
What i feel is real
Nothing can change my mind
Boy you make me lose control
And i Can’t resist no more

I’m always gonna hold you down
Always gonna be around
Ain’t noboday, nobody
That can do it like I do it girl
you gotta believe in us
To be happy is not enough
And baby, baby
You need to know

My heart is beating hard for you babe
All I want is you by my side, day and night
My heart is beating hard for you babe
All I want is you by my side, until I die

Verse 2

Till the sun goes up
I don’t want you boy to stop
Give me everything you’v got
Know tht you want it all night
By your side, baby boy lemme wake up
It will be better than you thought
Cаuse I like you a lot

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